Kapro Level Vials

The two basic types of vials in the market today are solid acrylic and cylindrical vials. Injection molded cylindrical vials are the most basic, typically for DIY projects where absolute accuracy is less critical. Solid acrylic vials are usually twice as accurate, stronger, shockproof and capable of withstanding a harsh work environment giving it superior longevity.

Kapro offers a vial lifetime warranty on solid acrylic vials which are guaranteed to be accurate, not to fog, leak or break.

The visibility of the vial is crucial and there are a few factors that can affect it. The color contrast of the liquid and the bubble as well as the positioning of the vial within the profile structure are both pivotal. You want to make sure you can easily and clearly see the vial from different angles.

Kapro offers many solutions including patented Optivision design and special features to bring you the most visible vials in the field.

All vials are filled with a liquid substance of hydrocarbon fluid (a molecule with carbon and hydrogen chains) whose job is to host the air bubble in the vial, allow it to move easily within it and provide a colored background to increase visibility of the bubble. If the color in the liquid fades due to UV rays, the level stays accurate but its readability decreases.

This hydrocarbon fluid is resistant to extreme temperatures from -20˚ to +60˚C allowing for greater stability and more accurate measurements.

Kapro offers UV resistant vials with strong resistance to the fading effects of sunlight.