Kapro Chalk Lines

A chalk line, chalk reel or chalk box is a simple hand tool consisting of a box with a reel of string inside it. The box is filled with chalk powder and the string, once coated with it is reeled out and used to mark straight lines. On the end of the string is a metal hook which can be attached to an object. Once the string is positioned it can be “plucked” at the center and the tension forces it to snap back down leaving a chalk line on the surface, sometimes known as “snapping the line”. Generally used for marking long, straight lines on relatively flat surfaces much farther than is practical by hand or with a straightedge.

201 Zinc Chalk Line

With a heavy-duty zinc body and solid end hook, the 201 doubles as a chalk line and a plumb bob.

211 Plumb Bob Chalk Line

Classic Plumb bob design with new technology, the 211 offers a durable Easygrip™ case, all in one hook with docking point, smooth rewind and clean refill.

213 Ergonomic Chalk Line

A rubber “nose” for perfect string tension, all-in-one end hook with docking point, clean chalk refill and a sure grip ergonomic handle are the main features of the 213.

214 Sure Grip Chalk Line & Level

With retractable line level that clicks into chalk line, the sure grip ergonomic handle and an extra fast rewind, the 214 is the top of the line Chalk liner level.