Kapro Measuring Tapes

A tape measure or measuring tape is a flexible ruler and is used to measure [...]

Kapro Chalk Lines

A chalk line, chalk reel or chalk box is a simple hand tool consisting of [...]

Kapro Rulers & Straightedges

The primary difference between a ruler and a straightedge is that a ruler is a [...]

Kapro Squares

A square is a measurement device consisting of two straightedges set at right angles to [...]

Kapro Level Vials

Kapro offers a vial lifetime warranty on solid acrylic vials which are guaranteed to be [...]

Kapro’s Box Spirit Levels

Box levels are so called because of the shape of the profile’s cross section.


PLUMB SITE® DUAL VIEW™ is a Kapro innovation that changed level design forever.

Kapro Level’s Accuracy & Calibration

Find out how the importance of accuracy and calibration in Kapro's range of levels.

OPTIVISION® Vial Technology

OPTIVISION® vial technology creates highly visible red bubble edges for exact placement between the reading [...]

Kapro Cast Spirit Levels

Kapro's Cast Spirit Levels are perfect for masonry work and tile setting.